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Buyer Services & What To Expect From Us

Naab Consulting helps CPAs, accountants, EAs and tax professionals who are interested in purchasing an accounting firm.  Buying an accounting practice is a great way to start your own firm or add additional clients to your current practice. When you buy an established accounting practice, you don’t waste valuable time and money trying to add new clients; instead, you reap the benefits of current clientele that provide a steady cash flow.

Purchasing an Accounting Firm with Cash Flow
Our experience in this business has allowed us to make strong third-party banking contacts who can lend up to 80-90% of the purchase price. This means you can buy the accounting practice with very little down and pay for it with cash flow! Contact us or complete our buyer
financing form, and we will be happy to assist you.

Email Notification List
FREE to register for our email notification list.  This service keeps you up to date on the latest accounting practices for sale in your desired geographical area. New listings become available quickly and typically sell just as fast. Register today and don’t let a great opportunity to buy an accounting practice slip away.

Years of Expertise
Our staff has a combined 35+ years experience as accounting business brokers.  We have assisted hundreds of buyers and sellers in successfully selling, merging or purchasing accounting firms.  Our expertise and experience benefits both the buyers and sellers, since we understand the process, the implications and the complexities involved in the selling and purchasing of accounting firms.