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Why You Should Use a Professional Accounting Business Broker to Sell Your CPA Accounting Practice
Submitted March 18, 2019 by Brian Naab | 0 comments

There are entrepreneurs that have successfully sold their CPA practice by themselves and there are multitudes of them that made use of professional accounting business brokers. Entrepreneurs that have attempted to do the selling by themselves are the ones that mostly complain about facing challenges. If you are considering selling your CPA practice, there are some certain things that are clearly known to these professional accounting business brokers that can help you maximize the sale value of your business. Although it is not an unwise decision when you decide to sell your CPA practice yourself, but it is profoundly recommendable you make use of a professional accounting business broker because of the reasons below.

PROPER ASCERTAINMENT OF MARKET VALUE: You might be good at analyzing, but you can’t repudiate the fact that it is the job of accounting business brokers to ascertain the market value of your CPA practice. If you are gullible or not properly informed, you will most likely not get the full fair market value of your practice and sell it for a cheaper price. Most prospective buyers of your practice will try to study you to fathom if you really know the value of your practice, and when you appear oblivious of the value, they will convince you to sell your practice at a cheaper price. A professional broker definitely knows how to ascertain the value of your practice and will never let you settle for less.

TIME CONSUMPTION: In most cases, many prospective buyers communicate and waste time before one finally gets to purchase. This simply means that handing the selling processes yourself will result to waste of countless hours with flaky buyers that are either “tire kickers” or believe that they can wait you out for a cheaper price. You may even finally get a serious buyer, and unfortunately watch him/her become offended by your accountant or lawyer and walk away from the deal. A professional accounting business broker knows how to handle all of these without making you settle for less.

HELPS TO ASCERTAIN IF THE TIME AND MARKET IS RIGHT: One must be financially and psychologically ready to retire or grasp another opportunity before selling a CPA practice. Additionally, one must be ready and the practice for sale must be well prepared before the market is considered strong. These are things that professional accounting business brokers will help you ascertain. In the event that the time or market is not right, these professional brokers are also aware of the crucial steps that should be taken to make it right.


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