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July 2008

So, you're selling your accounting practice? Whether you're familiar with the process or not, the following is a list of things NOT to do when working towards that big sale. 1. Failing to find a successful consulting company to assist you in your selling process. Finding a consulting company that is working for your needs is imperative to the success of your selling experience. Professional consulting companies will help save you time by remaining to stay confidential and working for you to get the most for your accounting practice.
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In order for your company to survive, it needs to be constantly changing and become stronger. Sometimes the only way to do this is to consolidate your accounting business. There are a lot of books out there that will attempt to help you consolidate your business, but with the economy as it is today, and as much time as a small or large business takes, you may not have the time to read any of these books.
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At times, merging businesses together is the worst thing you can do and Accounting Practice Mergers and Acquisitions are no exception. Sometimes the Accounting practices don’t mesh as well as anticipated; customer service may fall as new customer policies are implemented; or corporate cultures and management styles are incompatible. The merger sometimes kills the company rather than help it. We’ve all seen and heard of this happening to once great companies
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One of the three main jobs that will be opening up as the 78 million boomers retire is in the accounting field. This is great news not just for those who will be starting their careers soon but almost every generation will find benefits to the boomers retiring--especially if they've ever dreamed of owning their own business.
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